Our Story

About us:

LoveMeCity isn’t just a simple organization, it is a journey. It all started from a strong feeling of Love towards the City of Angels and a great ambition to have a positive impact on its community. The principal goal was to give anyone a convenient opportunity to help someone else who needs it. After months of researching and testing, we have finally found the perfect way to achieve that goal. Love Me City is born.

”Love” is nothing but a word until one acts on it. We are now offering you the opportunity to take action with us and help those in need. There are countless people who lack the essentials and are in need of a helping hand. Together, we can become that hand and restore hope for those who have lost it.


Let’s change the world one person at a time


What is a Love Pack?

A bag with essential goodies including food, reusable water bottles, warm clothing, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other necessities.

A Love Bag is distributed to someone in need for every purchase. Starting in Los Angeles with great ambitions to expend and help as many as possible.

The goal for 2023 is set at 10,000 donations!
Help us make this happen!


Sharing Love


Our very first event took place in Downtown Los Angeles during winter time. Our team distributed over 50 Love Bags along with 6 volunteers. Our main goal was to connect with these people, to show them love and appreciation - to make them feel acknowledged! We spent time with them and had meaningful conversations asking about their stories. They overall had a positive attitude and were grateful! Some of our volunteers had a very emotional experience. This unique experience taught us many lessons! We learned to become more mindful and less detached from their reality, to be more approachable, graceful and be less judgmental. The experience also helped some of us become more bold and less fearful to give more and be less self-absorbed! With LOVE doing its magic, our team members were almost overwhelmed by how enriching the experience was. Without a doubt, we received more than we gave out!

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Help The Homeless Act I



This second event took place near EchoPark. Our team once again distributed over 50 Love Bags along with 6 volunteers. Our goal was the same as last time, to make people smile... We spent time with the community and had meaningful conversations. Some of our qualified volunteers even offered haircuts and facials. Using what we had learned the previous time, we were able to approach this distribution event in a more natural and comfortable way. The experience was just as enriching as we expected it to be.

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Help The Homesless ACT I



Our third event took place near Los Angeles Culver and Venice Beach. The weather was unusually hard to predict at the time switching from uncomfortably cold to hot. It was perfect for us to get out there again and help out our neighbors on the streets. 

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For people, by people… 


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